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Process Analysis of Outrigger Pads Types -Ⅰ

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Process Analysis of Outrigger Pads Types -Ⅰ

The outrigger pad needs light weight and strong load-bearing, it can be easily carried and has a long service life, engineering plastic UHMWPE is the best material.

We are a custom-made processing factory, which can customize and produce various outrigger pads according to customers' drawings. At present, the following types have been produced:

1. Ordinary flat circle or square outrigger pad (or with circle in the middle) can be customized in size, color, CNC engraving or laser printing logo according to customer requirements.


2. Brushed surface outrigger pad- The surface is treated by a roughening machine, which isnon slip and non reflective.

outrigger pad 40

3. Rubber coated outrigger pad-A rubber layer is added at the bottom to strengthen the impact resistance of the base plate and prolong the service life.

outrigger pad 39

4. Large size outrigger pad- length, width and diameter of more than 1m and thickness of more than 60mm is suitable for oversize equipment, and the handle will also be replaced with iron chain.

 outrigger pad 44

5. Non standard outrigger pad-Customized special-shaped outrigger pads according to customer requirements.

outrigger pad 42

More types will be introduced in the next issue. If you are interested in production, please feel free to contact us:

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