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Engineering Plastic Ground Mat Differences and Scope of Use

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Engineering Plastic Ground Mat Differences and Scope of Use

ABOSN can produce various scenarios ground protection mat.

1. The best-selling extruded ground protection mat: it is made of HDPE material, with small size limit, thickness from 10-30mm, no limit on length and width up to 2.5m, it can be applied to most sites. It can be used as lawn, beach, natural landscape, through pedestrians and small vehicles. The thickness of more than 20mm can be used for engineering purposes. It can pass through large vehicles of less than 60 tons and is suitable for muddy roads and wet and soft roads. (Refer to picture 1)

2. Heavy duty and solid pressed ground protection mat: it is processed from UHMWPE material. Because of the material, it has better compression resistance and impact resistance. The thickness can be 15-50mm, and the size is fixed, 4550x2000mm and 3000x2500mm. It is applicable to the very bad road conditions with more than 60 tons and sells well in European countries. (refer to picture 2)

3. Heavy duty but light hollow ground protection mat: made of HDPE material, it has good toughness, light weight, fixed thickness of 80mm, the maximum width in actual use is 1960mm, and there is no limit on the length. The weight per square meter is only about 50kg. It is applicable to swamps, wetlands and other road conditions with large water content.(refer to picture 3)

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